Marrero LA 70072 | September 2011 Home Sales

Real estate activity in Marrero LA 70072

  • 234 single family homes are for sale, priced from $29,700 to $2,100,000
  • 73 homes are under contract, priced from $24,400 to $425,000
  • 32 homes sold in September, with selling prices from $9,000 to $400,000.  The average sale was a 3 bedroom, 2 bath home with 1545 square feet that sold for $120,252.

Homes sold in Marrero LA

Year to date, there have been a total of 257 homes sold in the 70072 zip code – up from 254 at the same time last year.  While the increase is very small, it appears that the year will end close to the same number of sales in 2010, stemming the annual decline in sales that has been seen over the last 4 years.

Homes for sale in Marrero LA

Single family home sales in Marrero LA

Home prices in Marrero LA

Year to date, the average sale price of a home in Marrero is $126,226, a 3.54% decline from last year and continuing the incremental slide in the value of homes being sold in the community.  The impact of foreclosures cannot be minimized, because they typically are on the low end of pricing and pull down the averages in neighborhoods that are seeing a large number of them.

When pricing your home to sell, your agent should account for the disparity between distressed sales (foreclosures and short sales) and normal resales.  Doing the right research up front can minimize the length of time it takes to sell a property.

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Average home sale prices in Marrero LA 70072

More about Marrero real estate

  • 42% of homes sold in Marrero this year have been either foreclosures or short sales (up from 32% last year)
  • 31% of sellers provided a home warranty (down from 38% last year)
  • 33% of sellers provided closing cost assistance to the buyer (down from 44% last year)

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