Gretna LA 70053 | September 2011 Home Sales

Real estate activity in Gretna LA 70053

  • 72 single family homes are for sale, priced from $29,900 to $400,000
  • The average home for sale in Gretna has 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, 1501 square feet and is priced at $137,212
  • 18 homes are under contract, priced from $30,500 to $265,000
  • 8 homes were sold in September, priced from $27,000 to $195,000

Homes sold in Gretna LA

If trends continue through the 4th quarter, Gretna should see a stabilization in the number of homes sold this year.  As of the end of September, there have been 57 single family homes sold.  In September of last year, that number was exactly the same.   What we are noticing is the increase in the number of sales that are foreclosures.  The percentage of foreclosure sales is much higher than the percentage of the market that they represent.  What does that mean?  Investors and bargain hunters with cash are out there looking for the best deal they can get.

Homes sold in Gretna LA 70053

Home prices in Gretna LA

Despite the impact of foreclosures, Gretna has seen a small increase in the average sale price of single family homes.  After 2 years of decline, prices are 2% higher than last year.  With a full quarter of sales yet to be recorded, there’s a very good chance that prices will end the year up, even if just slightly.

Average home prices in Gretna LA 70053

More about Gretna LA home sales

  • 26% of homes sold this year have been foreclosures or short sales (up from 19% last year)
  • 35% of sellers provided a home warranty (up from 30% last year)
  • 25% of sellers provided closing cost assistance to the buyer (down from 37% last year)
  • The most popular financing isn’t even financing – 40% of buyers have paid cash this year
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