Gretna LA Real Estate :: 3rd Quarter 2015 Home Sales

Gretna LA Real Estate

As of 10/7/15, there have been 93 homes and condos sold in Gretna this year, putting us right on track for a similar number of sales as in 2014. The addition of Gretna to the rural development 100% financing maps have certainly helped get more homes sold on the lower end of the price ranges.

gretna real estate sales 2015

Available Real Estate in Gretna LA

At the end of September, there was just a 4 month supply of residential property for sale in Gretna, a seller’s market.
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Average Time to Sell in Gretna LA

After dipping significantly in 2014, days on market has climbed back to 84 days. However, with such a small supply of inventory, it doesn’t seem to be anything that home sellers should worry about.

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Average Real Estate Sale Prices in Gretna LA

Average prices are holding steady in Gretna and are up slightly from last year. Overall, 2015 has seen values at their highest for the last 6 years.

gretna avg sale

What’s pushing prices up in Gretna?

In my opinion, it’s a combination of quality of life and affordable financing for first time buyers. Gretna, while small, does an excellent job of planning community events that appeal to a large number of people. They are also not adverse to trying new ideas (think Food Truck Fest, which was a smashing success) while continuing to offer annual events that residents and visitors look forward to each year.

When Rural Development 100% home loans became available in Gretna, we saw an increase in sales in the lower price ranges since buyers are able to purchase without significant cash reserves on hand for down payment, closing costs and inspections.

Couple all of this with a town that has a reputation for being very safe and it’s become one of the most appealing communities on the West Bank.


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