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Gretna LA Real Estate Market Report

Homes sold in Gretna LA

2015 saw just a slight increase in the number of residential properties sold in Gretna, but a look back at the 5 year trends shows that interest in this small West Bank city continues to grow year over year. From 2011 to 2015, there was a 44% increase in the number of single family homes sold in the community.


Gretna LA Real Estate | Number of homes sold 2015


Average Days on Market

The average time it takes to sell a Gretna home increased by 17 days in 2015, but remains well below the 2011-2013 averages.

Tip: Each neighborhood will be different, so ask your agent about days on market in your little slice of Gretna. 

Gretna LA Real Estate | Average days on market



Average Gretna LA Home Sale Prices

Average sale prices dipped just a tad in 2015, mostly due to the sale of quite a few properties in need of repairs and renovations.

  • The average sold price for homes in New, Excellent and Very Good condition was $179,913.
  • The average sold price for homes in Average, Fair and Poor condition was $82,457.

Gretna LA Real Estate | Average home sale prices


Gretna LA Real Estate Inventory

The Gretna home market has moved back and forth between a seller market and a balanced market all year, hitting a low of 4 months worth of homes for sale in September 2015.

As of January 2016, there are 58 single family homes for sale in Gretna.


Gretna LA Real Estate | Absorption Rates


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