Gretna LA 70053 | October 2011 Home Sales

Real estate activity in Gretna LA 70053

  • 72 single family homes are for sale, priced from $22,750 to $400,000
  • Average listing price is $140,648 or $93.08 per square foot
  • 18 homes are under contract, priced from $29,900 to $239,000
  • 12 homes sold in October ranging from $24,000 to $232,500
  • The average October home sale was $114,347 or $84.53 per square foot

Homes sold in Gretna LA

As of the end of October, there have been a total of 70 homes sold in Gretna this year, compared to 59 at the same time in 2010 – a 19% increase in the number of homes being sold in the area.  It looks like we should end the year somewhere between the 2008 and 2009 level of home sales in Gretna, at least by volume.  Homes were on the market for an average of 101 days before selling, down from 105 last year.

Gretna LA homes for sale

Homes sold in Gretna LA 70053

Home prices in Gretna LA

Home prices in the City of Gretna have remained almost flat when compared to last year, but the good news is that they appear to be stabilizing instead of continuing to drop.  As of the end of October, the average home sale was $125,364 (about $15,300 less than the average listing price).  Condition plays a huge factor in the prices, with 17% of homes sold in either Poor or Fair condition.

People who bought their Gretna home in the last few years may have an issue if forced to sell, but the neighborhood and condition will remain the largest factor in how much they can get for their homes.  What’s your Gretna home worth?

Home sale prices in Gretna LA 70053

More about home sales in Gretna LA

The number of foreclosure (REO) sales has increased by almost 4% from last year, but is still one of the lowest rates of foreclosure sales on the West Bank of New Orleans

Short sales are beginning to make an appearance in Gretna, but are a very small percentage of the market at this point

While there has been a slight increase in the percentage of home sellers providing warranties, the number of sellers providing closing cost assistance has dropped substantially – from 36.51% in 2010 to 24.29% in 2011

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