Terrytown LA Home Prices 2016

Terrytown home prices

Terrytown Home Prices 2016 was the third year in a row that we’ve seen Terrytown home prices increase. That’s good news for homeowners in the community, but it’s not bad news for buyers, since the average Terrytown home sold for $133,347 last year. That’s well within the budget of most […] Read more »

Algiers Point Home Prices Expanding

Algiers Point home prices

Algiers Point Home Prices In the past, when someone said they want to buy in Algiers Point, we knew they usually meant that they wanted to live in the area between Opelousas Street and the Mississippi River. Crossing over Opelousas meant homes that were typically tenant occupied. They probably were in need of […] Read more »

Belle Chasse LA Home Sales 2016

Belle Chasse LA home sales

Belle Chasse LA Home Sales 2016 The average Belle Chasse LA home sold for $293,121 in 2016, an increase of 3.2% over the 2015 average of $284,033. After a dip in 2014, the last 2 years have seen prices on the rise again.   Number of Belle Chasse LA Home […] Read more »

Harvey LA Home Prices 2016

Harvey Louisiana Home Prices

Harvey Louisiana Home Prices Good news for homeowners in Harvey, as average home prices went up to $138,586 in 2016. That’s an increase of 6.7% over 2015 prices. While price increases on the East Bank are slowing or flattening out, Harvey’s market is still showing improvement. January – June 2016 average […] Read more »

Marrero LA Home Prices 2016

Marrero LA home prices

Marrero LA Home Prices From 2012 to 2015, we saw Marrero LA home prices curve up. Then down. Then up, then down again. 2016 was a growth cycle for homeowners, with an annual average sold price of $139,696. That’s up from $128,191 in 2015, an almost 9% increase in average sale […] Read more »

Gretna LA Home Sales 2016

Gretna LA home sale prices

Gretna LA Home Prices in 2016 The little city of Gretna LA is holding steady this year in average home sale prices. Overall, the average Gretna LA home price was for $143,818 in 2016. This is up from $141,001 in 2015, an increase of 2%. During the same period, the average […] Read more »

New Orleans Winter Home Maintenance

new orleans snow 2008

New Orleans Winter Home Maintenance I know, we don’t have that much of a winter here in New Orleans. But on those days when it’s in the 30s, overcast, and windy, you’ll be thankful that you took some time to do these easy home fixes before winter set in. Clean […] Read more »