Are Backyard Chickens Legal?


backyard chickensAre backyard chickens legal on the West Bank?

With the focus on eating organic and natural, plenty of folks are deciding to keep backyard chickens as their fresh egg source. (Although why they wouldn’t just grab fresh eggs at the farmer’s market is beyond us).

But are the backyard chickens we’re seeing all over the place legal?

After Katrina, it seems like the chicken population exploded, but it’s more likely that the chickens were there all along, escaped their coops and pens, and started wandering through the streets. We’ve all seen a quick little chicken cross the road in our neighborhoods!

Back to the legal question.

In Orleans Parish, it’s legal to keep chickens, but not roosters. Some people inadvertently end up with roosters by buying unsorted chicks (sorting is the process of determining if the chicks will be hens or roosters). If you find yourself with a surprise rooster, find it a new home in a rural area that doesn’t limit what types of fowl can be kept on property.

In Jefferson Parish, roosters are legal, but if they lead to neighbor noise complaints, the LASPCA may get involved in relocating your crower.

So, are you raising backyard chickens on the WB? Are they fun? Are they hard to take care of? Can we get some fresh eggs? 🙂


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  1. Bobbi Nance says:

    Show me where it says you CAN’T have roosters in jefferson parish. New orleans states it clearly….but jefferson makes NO MENTION in its municipal codes….even the one regarding FOWL and livestock. it does say chickens cannot run around loose. No mentions of roosters or of crowing.

    • Lisa Heindel says:

      Bobbi, you’re right. I’ve updated the post, but I do know that if there are enough neighbor complaints, the parish will step in (just like with any other animal complaints)

  2. Marianne says:

    Can you please link the code that states we are allowed to have chickens in JP. We live in Metairie and I was raised on a farm and want an urban coop so bad, but the bf says until I can show him the code stating it’s legal I cannot get any. Thanks!

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