Time Change and Home Shopping

daylight savings time home shopping

Time change and home shopping I love the long days of summer, when the sun stays up until after 7pm, and it seems like there’s just so much more day to fill. Then October rolls around and those days start getting shorter naturally. Then November blows in and daylight savings […] Read more »

When Your Home Has Online Views But No Showings

Online views but no showings

Online Views But No Showings? We recently had a homeowner concerned because they had a high number of online views but no showings had been scheduled for their property. (Disclaimer: it’s not the house below!) So we thought it was time to explain how sites like Zillow, Realtor.com and Trulia […] Read more »

Home Staging Tips from Model Homes

Home staging tips

Home Staging Tips It’s no secret that just about everyone loves to tour model homes. They are fresh and clean and beautifully decorated with just the right amount of furniture, art and accessories – but also with enough blank space left over for potential buyers to easily move around a […] Read more »

How to Handle A Low Ball Offer on Your Home

handling low ball real estate offers

Handling Low Ball Real Estate Offers Even in our improving West Bank housing market, we are still having to counsel our sellers about handling low ball real estate offers. Most of the time, people are angry. Or confused. Or wondering why the heck we even brought them such a ludicrous offer. The flip […] Read more »

Louisiana Property Disclosure 2015

real estate disclosures

Every couple of years, the disclosure forms that every seller has to provide to a buyer changes. Effective February 1, 2015, a new seller property disclosure form came into play. Who has to provide a disclosure? Louisiana law states that anyone selling a residential (1-4 family) property must provide a […] Read more »