What Will the New Ferry Schedule Do to Algiers Point?

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With the sunsetting of tolls on the Crescent City Connection, the Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development is now fully in control of the Algiers/Canal Street ferry operations, including the schedule for service.

What I don’t think most people anticipated was that

People who own homes that were bought with the promise that a short and convenient ferry ride would bring them and their visitors into the heart of the city without the hassle of parking.

People without cars who decided to rent in the Point because the ferry provided an easy way to get to and from work downtown and in the French Quarter. Ending ferry service before dinner service is over in restaurants makes no sense to either diners or the staff who depend on the ferry.

People who assumed that property values in the area would remain stable because the ferry made crossing the river not seem so daunting to future home buyers – it’s actually been a selling point for many relocating buyers.

People who invested in businesses in the Point. How will a bed and breakfast survive if their guests are forced to return early in the evening due to the change in ferry hours?

All of these people are concerned. And rightfully so.

There’s even talk of a class action suit from Friends of the Ferry:

Friends of the Ferry is exploring the possibility of pursuing a class action suit against the LA Dept. of Transportation & Development and Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal.

If you feel you have or will suffer economic hardship as a result of the new truncated ferry hours and/or the possible discontinuance of service on the Algiers/Canal Street ferry altogether, please email us at classaction@friendsoftheferry.org

You could have legal standing if you…

  • Own property in Algiers Point, either personal or rental
  • Use the ferry to get to work
  • Own a business in Algiers Point

We will get back to you shortly, asking for more information. Our first step is gather a list of people affected and determine if we have a viable cause of action.

If these ferry hours are allowed to stand, this could have a negative impact on property values in the Point. Make your voice heard and encourage the DOTD to continue extended service hours, even if it means adding a fee for pedestrian crossings.


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  1. Liberal Dan says:

    This is what I was worried would happen with the legislators ripped the funding for the ferries out from the ballot initiative to retain the tolls.

  2. Rosemary Spinelli says:

    these ferry hours basically cater to tourist and not the real people that live in algiers point and rely on the ferry to get back and forth from work. what about all of us who now cant get to or get back from work every day. extend hours only for special events still only for tourist, that doesnt help the people who live here. what about the buisness we have on the west bank bars and restaurants that lose out. this effecting every ones livelyhoods and pockets. we live in algiers because we love the neighborhood

  3. Liberal Dan says:

    I will be discussing this issue in the second segment of tonight’s show. Tune in! http://www.blogtalkradio.com/liberaldan/2013/07/04/more-on-jindals-veto-and-more

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