West Bank Business Spotlight: Tree Man Inc. (again!)

Whenever I need something done around my house, I try to always call my not-so-handy hubby a local professional.  If I can find someone who is on the West Bank as well, I consider it a bonus and when I get stellar service from them I’ve found a winner I feel like I can share with all of our readers.

This week’s winner is Tree Man Inc – a licensed arborist and tree service located in Algiers.  They’ve been in business practically forever and have been spraying (and now injecting) our oak trees for caterpillars for years.  So, when we allowed a Chinese tallow tree to take root and start growing near our fence after Katrina, we kept saying “we need to call the Tree Man”.  After almost 6 years, we finally called.

Watching the tree man prepare to remove a tree in our backyard

My biggest concern about the removal of this tree (and I use the term tree very loosely, since it’s basically a gigantic weed) was that my vegetable garden was going to be damaged in the process.  Not only were the guys that showed up professional and polite, but they did a fantastic job of making sure that not a single plant was damaged in my little plot that is now able to be expanded and will get enough sunlight to flourish.

If you need any tree services in the metro New Orleans area – pruning, spraying, removal, stump grinding and whatever else you might do to a tree – please give Tree Man Inc. a call at 504.394.4207.  They’ll give you great service and don’t even mind when you stalk them with a video camera while they work 🙂


In an ironic twist, I peeked at the calendar and realized that today is National Arbor Day…so we are replacing the tree we had removed with a Japanese Plum tree.   Or, as my kids would say, “one of those Japonica trees like Grandma used to have”.

Happy Arbor Day.  Now, go plant something.   The earth will love you for it.

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