Wednesdays on the Point: A Street Party in Algiers Point

Wednesdays on the Point

Picking up where Wednesday in the Square left off downtown, Wednesdays on the Point is proving to be quite a success!

While I missed the first two weeks of performances, we were able to get out to Aunt Leni’s Cafe this week for the third installment of the street concerts in Algiers Point.  The sidewalk tables were filled and the street was lined with the lawn chairs of the spectators.  Like any other function in Algiers, it was filled with familiar faces and lots of great local music, with the entertainment provided this week by the Marc Stone Band (turns out that Westbank Mike, who was also scheduled to perform, is on vacation this week).

With the band playing, the food cooking and the drinks flowing, we were caught up in saying hello to everyone and catching up with friends we had not seen in awhile.  Not a bad way to spend a summer evening…

Where but New Orleans will you find a street party on a Wednesday afternoon?

Next weeks event will be held right down the street at Tout de Suite Cafe, on the corner of Alix and Verret Streets, from 5:30 to 8:30pm…hope to see you there!


Lisa Heindel

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