That’s Not a Drag Queen….That’s a Saints Fan!

Buddy D Dress Parade

We like to do things just a little differently here in New Orleans.  And one of the things we do best is throw an impromptu parade for just about any reason.

For years and years, Buddy Diliberto (affectionately known as Buddy D) was the most prominent local sportscaster. He called the Saints games and reported on sports both on television and radio.  The one thing he stuck to his guns on was the fact that the New Orleans Saints were not, and would never be, a good team.  Callers to his radio show that would proclaim “this is the year” were labeled squirrels.

He was so sure that the Saints would never be a winning team that he promised to wear a dress if they ever made it to the Super Bowl.

Well, we made it. But Buddy D passed away a few years ago and isn’t here to make good on that promise.

No worries, as there were over 4,000 loyal Saints fans willing to step up, put on a dress, and parade from the Superdome to the French Quarter Sunday afternoon.  In true New Orleans fashion, it was a party even while we were waiting on the marchers to arrive.

Buddy D Dress Parade Buddy D Dress Parade

Buddy D Dress Parade

We were lucky enough to run into a band, playing a typical New Orleans beat that just makes you want to dance in the street….

Buddy D Dress Parade in action

If you can’t see the video above, click here.

Buddy D parade 2010 079 Buddy D parade 2010 087

Buddy D parade 2010 089

Can you imagine what they’ll do if we win the game?  WHO DAT!!!



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