Support Your West Bank Businesses During the Holidays

Even though Black Friday has come and gone, I’m sure that there are still lists and lists of gifts to be bought between now and Christmas.


We’d like to take a moment to encourage everyone to shop locally during the holidays and help support not just the small business owners, but the metro area economy as well.  The impact of spending your gift budget in locally owned businesses is huge.

According to the good folks at Stay Local!

If everyone in New Orleans shopped at locally owned businesses instead of chain stores for one day only, we would add $1.5 million to our local economy!

Leave the malls (and their horrendous parking and crowds) behind and set out to find unique gifts that you’ll never see at the chain stores.  Buy a piece of art or some handmade jewelry.  Pick your favorite T-shirt with a local vibe.  Give a gift of something fleur de lis, black & gold or New Orleans inspired.  Put a little extra thought into not only your gift giving, but where it’s coming from as well.

What’s your favorite local business to support? Leave a comment and share it with everyone!

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