Perino’s Boiling Pot | Great Seafood in Harvey LA

It’s pretty hard to impress a New Orleans native with boiled seafood. After all, we learn to peel crawfish and shrimp and pick crabs as soon as we are big enough to sit at the table – mostly because our parents quickly got tired of doing it for us.  So while I had heard good things about Perino’s from friends, I didn’t have any really high expectations when we pulled into the parking lot on the West Bank Expressway.

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The front of the building is very plain and when you enter there is a to-go counter and a large, open dining room jam packed with cafeteria like tables and chairs for family style seating along with a few arcade games and a claw machine for the kids, big or small.  Very 1970s, right down to the neon beer signs and stuffed animals hanging on the walls. Topping each table is a big roll of paper towels, a basket of crackers and butter and a rack of condiments including a huge squeeze bottle of cocktail sauce – the only thing missing is the newspaper covering the tables.

Perino's Boiling Pot | Harvey LA

The menu is pretty simple and straightforward.  Seasonal boiled and fried seafood and traditional sides such as potatoes, corn and sausage.  The specials when we visited were the fried crawfish tails and fried alligator, served in a basket with fries.  Since the whole reason we came was because we heard how good the boiled seafood was, we promptly ordered crabs and shrimp and decided to try the crawfish tail basket as well instead of sides.

Thank goodness we ordered the crawfish, because each basket came with a bowl of some of the best gumbo I’ve ever eaten. Filled with shrimp and crab claw meat and perfectly spiced, I think hubby and I set a record for the fastest gumbo eating.  We weren’t the only ones impressed, as I heard other diners complimenting it as well.  It’s only served by the cup or the bowl, but I’d gladly pay for a gallon of it to serve for dinner at home.

Perino's Boiling Pot | Harvey LA

Dear hubby jumped into the crawfish tails (which were pretty darn good) before I could take a picture, but the blue crabs and shrimp were out of this world.  Well seasoned and juicy, I knew it was a good meal by the number of paper towels we went through!  The wait staff was very friendly, the big screen TV was playing a college football game and there was just a comfortable, old New Orleans feel to the place.

It’s not fancy by any means, but if you are looking for casual, family friendly dining and delicious food, take a drive to Harvey and check out Perino’s Boiling Pot.  You won’t be sorry.

Perino’s Boiling Pot is located at 3754 West Bank Expressway in Harvey LA.  Open Sunday through Thursday from 11:30 am – 10 pm and until 11 pm on Friday and Saturday.  Need more information?  Give them a call at (504) 340-5560.

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  1. Chris Saranas says:

    I have been there many many times. I am one that like to be in the kitchen. I am looking to open a Boinling Pot in Michigan. I think with all the local restraunts this would definately be something differant that would really CATCH on. If you are interested in speaking with me please email me at

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