Nostalgic New Orleans Photos | Frostop in Algiers

It’s funny how nostalgia and food can combine to bring people together – even if it’s just virtually.

If you follow West Bank Living on Facebook, then you already know that we love posting local photos of this, that and the other.  Who’d a thunk that one photo of a boarded up burger joint would end up being shared over 140 times across the interwebs and spark hundreds and hundreds of memories of ice cold root beer mugs, iconic burgers, first dates, special treats and dining with MawMaws, Nannys, Parans and your mom ‘n dem?

Shuttered Frostop on General Meyer in Algiers

Frostop, Algiers LA

Just goes to show you that even when people move away from New Orleans, their hearts are still here.

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  1. Curtis Reddehase says:

    Love how just one photo can tell so many stories. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Walker Economic Development Foundation says:

    I once knew the owner of the property several years ago, but owns it now? Our foundation has it listed as a possible renovation project to restore Algiers.

    • Lisa says:

      I believe it is owned by the church that sits directly behind it, but I’m not positive. The assessor’s office should have the ownership details, if you need the information.

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