Parrot Pete’s – A New West Bank Dining Spot

Parrot Pete’s – Harvey LA

I recently had a chance to meet a friend for a leisurely cup of coffee on a weekday morning.  This is something that doesn’t happen all that often with busy work schedules, but it gave me the opportunity to check out Parrot Pete’s, a new West Bank coffee shop and cafe that I had been hearing so many good things about.  Well, the folks who were talking it up were right!

There is a huge selection of pastries, coffees, specialty drinks and breakfast and lunch plates.  Once I walked in, I felt like I was on vacation!  With a tropical theme and indoor and outdoor dining spaces, Parrot Pete’s is a wonderful addition to the West Bank menu.

Sitting outside and enjoying the sunny weather, I watched not just the people coming and going, but the fabulous fountains and landscaping that make for a relaxing visit.

After enjoying my breakfast of a chilled fruit plate and a steaming latte, I couldn’t help but take these photos to share just how peaceful and relaxing a place it really is.  It’s definitely on my list of go-to places when trying to decide where to meet up.

Parrot Pete’s is located at 1901 Manhattan Blvd. in Harvey, LA in the new office park located next to the Target shopping center and is a just hop, skip and a jump from all of these great West Bank neighborhoods:


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  1. Melissa Doyle says:

    Does the Parrot Pete’s – A New West Bank Dining Spot – have a web site w/ the menu?

  2. says:

    Wow what a beautiful place, would love to see the menu!

  3. Tressie Greenwood says:

    Had the pleasure of dining at this establishment with a local. I’m from the Houston Memorial area and I can truly say that it was worth it. The atmosphere was Awesome and staff was Great! If you ever want to try praline pancakes…..they are the best!

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