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Hook and Ladder Cemetery

It’s funny what you get used to when you grow up here.  It’s not until we have visitors that I’m reminded not everyone buries their dead above ground.  The vaults in the Hook and Ladder Cemetery take up an entire block, bounded by Newton, Tenth, Eleventh and Lafayette Streets in the City of Gretna.

Hook and Ladder 1

From the City of Gretna Website:

The Hook and Ladder Cemetery was established around 1859 and contains monuments of interest, including the those of John Ehret, the first mayor of Gretna and Louis Oscar Fried, the first casualty of the skirmish between the United States and Mexico.

Tombs in the cemetery range from very modest to much more ornate sites finished with granite or marble.  Catholic families in the New Orleans area usually spend some time at the cemetery the last week of October, cleaning, repainting and polishing up in preparation of laying fresh flowers on All Saint’s Day (November 1st).  Catholicism is so ingrained in the city’s culture that even non-Catholics follow many of the traditions, so the grounds and vaults usually look their best at that time.

If you decide to visit one of the local cemeteries, please be respectful and remember that this is the final resting place for someone’s loved one.

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  1. Lenza says:

    I just have to visit New Orleans!

  2. Jack Wardlaw says:

    Good afternoon. I am Jack Wardlaw, living in Baton Rouge. I’m tryhing to help a lady in California find some information about her ancestors. Specifically, she thinks two children, Fielding Issacs and Eliza Jane Issacs perished in the 1878 yellow fever epidemic and are buried in the Hook & Ladder Cemetery in Gretna. Is there any way to check this? If the graves exist, I’d like to come down and take pictures of them for her. How should I proceed? thanks, Jack Wardlaw.

    • lisa says:

      Jack, I’m not sure if there is a plot map for the Hook and Ladder Cemetery or not. My recommendation would be to contact Gretna City Hall for information on who runs the cemetery. They can be reached at (504) 363-1505 during regular business hours M-F.

      Good luck to you on your quest!

    • Leslie Meisner says:

      Hi Jack,
      Did you find the information you were looking for? and the site map? I know there is one.
      I will be in New Orleans tomorrow, for about a week.

      Let me know if I can be of assistance.

      • Terri Babineaux says:

        I just had a someone call me from the Los Angeles area looking for Hook and Ladder information. So I called the city of Gretna and this is what I found out. The city of Gretna doesn’t handle Hook and Ladder any more but they do handle McDonough Cememtery and I was given the names of two people to contact that do.
        Lloyd Herbert 504-361-9375 or Marcel Lepine 504-361-8005 I hope this helps anyone needing information

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