Behrman Park and Stadium | Algiers LA

Located just down the street from the entrance to Federal City in Algiers, Behrman Park contains 60 acres of land, the majority of which is still green space.  The area was named for one of the most popular mayors in New Orleans, Martin Behrman, who held his position for 5 terms in the early 1900s.

The stadium has long been the site of Friday night football games for both the O. Perry Walker and Edna Karr teams.  In addition to the stadium, there is a community pool, tennis courts, track field and gymnasium.

Part of the New Orleans Recreation Department, various sports camps are typically held at the park during the summer, including tennis, dance and cheerleading.

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  1. Security officer says:

    The library they have upstairs is haunted…I did security work at nights during the summer and heard books falling out of the shelves. There wasn’t anyone in the library because I checked.

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