A Glorious Sunday in Spring – New Orleans Style

Spring in New Orleans

While our Northern friends are still dealing with cold weather, today was one of those gorgeous spring days in New Orleans that make you forget that before long we will be living with the heat of the summer.

It was entirely too pretty to stay inside, so we hopped over the river and spent the morning walking through the French Market and Jackson Square. Soaking up the sights and the sounds of the city on a Sunday is a wonderful, inexpensive (FREE) way to spend a morning or afternoon and I was reminded how much I love this city that I was born and raised in.

French Market, New Orleans LA French Market, New Orleans LA

We wandered through the French Market, ate alligator sausage on a stick and checked out the wares of the local vendors. The mouth watering aroma of roasted corn and sweet potatoes was drifting through the market…

New Orleans LA New Orleans LA

On our way back upriver, we strolled along the Moon Walk which has a fabulous view of the West Bank of New Orleans and of the downtown area that hugs the banks of the river.

St Louis Cathedral, New Orleans, LA

We wound our way around Jackson Square, stopping to watch a magician perform tricks, pausing to admire the work of local artists, ducking inside the cool interior of St. Louis Cathedral and admiring the beautiful architecture of the oldest neighborhood in New Orleans.

Jackson Square, New Orleans, LA Cabildo, New Orleans LA

With a live band playing in the square right outside the Cabildo, we had to stop and listen to the talented street performers that were entertaining a huge crowd. It was easy to tell who the tourists were, because they don’t know the local songs…it was also easy to spot the residents wandering through, because they are the first ones to dance and sing along.

My out of town friends always swear that we have more fun than anyone else….what did you do with your Sunday?


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